Back in His Comfort Zone

Good riddance, “helicopter hands.”

Based on his recent hot streak, Jon Jay will not be returning to his long employed, self-named batting stance anytime soon.

Since being benched on April 20th in Philadelphia with his average below the “Mendoza Line” at .197, he went to work on his swing–looking for something to bring him back to his near .300 career batting average. He needed to, not only for the team’s success, but for his future position on the team as well. See Big O.

He had to get over a little hump after returning to the lineup, but in his last 6 games, he has 10 hits in 20 at-bats with 1 HR and 8 RBI. This has raised his average 53 points to .257. For a complete game log on his statistics, see here.

If the Cardinals want to win the division, they need Jon Jay to be playing at his best. If Jon Jay wants to remain a starting centerfielder for the Redbirds, he needs to keep hitting–maybe not at the same torrid pace as he is right now, but he needs to maintain a near .300 batting average with an OBP near .375. Also, for those worried about his drop-off in fielding this year, worry no more. As long as he keeps getting results at the plate, his fielding will soon follow. He has all the tangibles and intangibles to make plays in center (like this one), he just needs his mind right.

Everyone involved with the Cardinals organization, from the front office to the fans, should be amped up for what Oscar Taveras will bring in the future, but this team needs Jon Jay–both for the statistics he has been producing as well as his integral role in team chemistry (just ask his buddies: Daniel Descalso, Allen Craig, and David Freese). Would he be a detriment to team chemistry as the fourth outfielder? Probably not, based on his character, but it sure helps a player’s mood when he feels like he is contributing to his team’s success.

Oscar will get his time, but this year belongs to Jon, and he has been showing us why.

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4 thoughts on “Back in His Comfort Zone

  1. I know that I am the misfit in the family because I don’t understand nor know anyone you are talking about…but blog was well written. Maybe the Post Dispatch will hire you to write editorials or sports articles.

  2. Nice article. I have two comments, based simply upon your stated goal of improving your writing skills. First,where you used “torrent” as an adjective, you probably meant “torrid”. Second, though I eventually figured out what you meant, I was initially confused by your reference to his “self-named, traditional batting stance”, the name presumably being “helicopter hands.” If it was truly a traditional stance, how would Jon Jay have come to name it? Perhaps “long employed, self-named batting stance” would eliminate that confusion, but may add more of its own.
    Regardless, I like Jay and hope he sticks around for a while, but then I thought the same of Rick Ankiel and even, for a brief moment, David Green, and the team went on to prosper after their departures, so what do I know?
    Happy blogging!

    • Thank you for the thought-out response, Clinton. I made the changes that you pointed out. Thanks for pointing out my grammar error, I am just getting back into it so those will happen for a while. I hope you continue to read!


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