Yadier Molina: MVP, but Not Starting All Star?

Photo Credit: ESPN the Magazine

Photo Credit: ESPN the Magazine

Disclaimer: I know I am late to the party on this discussion, but I wanted to give my analysis as well. Thank you for checking in!

Yadier Molina. What else can he do to be considered the outright starting catcher in the All Star Game for the National League?

Molina is hitting .367 this season, has held together a pitching staff full of rookies, and is arguably the most valuable player of the team with the best record, yet he still is not a lock to start the All Star Game. Something is wrong about that. Something is seriously wrong about that. Right now, due to a flawed voting system, Molina trails San Francisco Giant catcer, Buster Posey, by a few thousand votes.

Let’s do a quick comparison of their numbers.

Posey: .319 batting average, .392 on-base percentage, 8 home runs, 42 runs batted in, .907 on-base + slugging (OPS), 2.7 wins above replacement (WAR)

Molina: .367 batting average, .408 on-base percentage, 4 home runs, 39 runs batted in, .914 on-base + slugging (OPS), 3.1 wins above replacement (WAR)

Comparison finished. In short, there really is zero comparison. Posey, last season’s MVP, has great statistics, especially for a catcher, but Molina has incredible statistics, especially with the amount of adversity he has dealt with this season. Sure, Posey has more home runs than Yadi, but as shown by OPS, Molina is managing just fine in the power category.

Home runs will come for Molina, but the fact is, that is the only statistic in which Posey has the advantage. Yadi could hit more home runs, but this Cardinals team does not need him to hit many home runs like the Giants need of Posey’s bat–he hits third in the lineup.

Also, keep in mind, no one can quantify exactly what Molina has done for this year’s pitching staff that has been plagued with injuries all season. In 67 games played (out of  a possible 71), Molina has caught 21 different pitchers. 21 different pitchers! Despite the carousel of pitchers he has caught, he has helped manage the staff to a top two earned-run average (3.28 ERA). The staff also has the most complete games with five and is in the top ten with 42 quality starts.

Posey is a great catcher, but in my opinion, there is no way he would have been able to handle the adversity Molina has admirably handled so far this season. Posey is more of an offensive-minded catcher, and yet, as shown by my comparison above, Yadi has him beat in the majority of the offensive categories as well.


I do not care if you only vote for one person on the entire ballot, but please, go online and vote for Yadi. He is more than deserving, and he needs our help to beat the flawed system. He is the best catcher in baseball, and if he is able to keep this up, he will be the MVP of the National League. If he is capable of being the MVP, he should be starting the All Star Game as well.

Here is the Ballot:

I have voted 35 times a day for him through my MLB.com account, so it would truly mean a lot if you all could vote for him as well. Thank you.

Until next time…

Joe (@stlCupOfJoe)


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