UCB August Project: Interview with Blogger, Marilyn Green


Every month, the United Cardinal Bloggers are assigned a project to include in our personal blogs. As you may recall, in June, we talked about an exhibit that we would like to see in the new Cardinals Hall of Fame at Ballpark Village. In July, we voted on which Cardinals (players, managers, coaches, etc) deserved to be honored in the Hall of Fame.

Well, for the month of August, we were all assigned to another UCB blogger. The goal of the project was to get to know each other a little better since the network is constantly growing each season. I was lucky enough to be assigned Marilyn Green. She is one of the staff writers over at RedbirdRants.com and really puts out some great content.

A quick disclaimer about the interview from Marilyn, herself:  Since there were quite a few [questions], I kepy my responses fairly short. Which, if you knew me, you would know that that is a feat. 🙂

Joe: I see that you live in Jefferson City via your Twitter bio, have you lived there all your life or did you move there for work/other reasons?

Marilyn: I have lived in Jefferson City since 1986.  I moved there for work reasons.  I am originally from a town called Desloge, MO, which is about an hour’s drive south of St.Louis.

Joe: When did you first become a Cardinals fan?

Marilyn: I went to my first Cardinal game in 1966, when I was 6 years old.  It was the year Busch Stadium I opened. I have been a Cardinal fan ever since.

Joe: When did you decide that it was time to begin blogging about the Cardinals?

Marilyn: I wrote a couple of guest articles for The Cardinal Nation Blog, where I am a frequent poster.  When a slot at Redbird Rants became available, I applied and was chosen.

Joe: I see mentions of Wainwright all the time on your twitter account, what about him makes him your favorite player right now?

Marilyn: I am a big fan of pitching.  I am also a big fan of people with character, intelligence, and a sense of humor.  Put all of those together and that spells Adam Wainwright.

Joe: What is your favorite Cardinal moment of all time?

Marilyn: I have many favorite Cardinal moments.  I think the best for me is still Bob Gibson striking out 17 batters in the 1968 World Series.

Joe: How many games are you able to attend each year being in Jeff City and having a busy job as a lawyer?

Marilyn: I am not practicing law at the present moment except on an occasional basis.  I substitute teach and so my summers are free.  However,  from both a distance and a financial standpoint, I do not go to games much at all.  I have not been to a game at Busch Stadium at all this year.  I did attend one game in Kansas City on Memorial Day when the Cards played the Royals, as a guest of a friend.

Joe: What is your favorite part about blogging?

Marilyn: I like to argue and express my opinions and I like to write.  It’s an avenue to do both.

Joe: Where do you see this team going this season? Playoffs? NLCS? WS? WS Champs?

Marilyn: That’s hard to say.  The team is most likely going to the postseason, though it is far from clear whether it will get there as a Wild Card or  as a Division winner.  If they win the Division, I think they will have a good shot at at least the NLCS.  Beyond that, unless the pitching  and the offense become more consistent, I believe the World Series is a long shot.

Joe: Who is your favorite non-Cardinals player?

Marilyn: Clayton Kershaw.  I am a sucker for good pitching.

That concludes the interview for this season. Thank you very much for your time, Marilyn.

Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter: @Marilyncolor

Until next time…


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