Fox Sports Ohio is a Terrible Way to Watch the St. Louis Cardinals

Photo Credit: Fox Sports Ohio

Photo Credit: Fox Sports Ohio

As most of you know by now, I am a 5th year pharmacy major at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thus, in order to watch the Cardinals while at school, they either have to be on national television or playing against the Cincinnati Reds. Well, tonight, I was lucky enough to catch the action on Fox Sports Ohio. However, I don’t think lucky is the right word to describe the telecast that I viewed. Yet, before I get into that, let’s review some of the key points from the game first…

Quick Game Recap:

The Cardinals beat the Reds 6-1. The Cardinals are now an incredible 25-3-2 in 30 series against the Reds in St. Louis since 2003.

Joe Kelly had yet another solid outing for the Cardinals. He was able to pitch around jams (with some help from the Reds’ base running) all night. He pitched 6 innings, allowing just one run–a solo shot from Shin-Soo Choo in the 5th. Kelly is now 6-0 in his last eight starts.

Every starter (minus Kelly) had a hit. Matt Holliday, Allen Craig, Matt Carpenter, David Freese, and Daniel Descalso all had one RBI in the game. The other run scored on a ground out double play by Craig in the first.

Kelly, along with the bullpen (Siegrist, Rosenthal, Maness), silenced the Reds after Choo’s solo home run in the 5th. Cardinals’ pitchers ended up retiring the last 13 Reds hitters in order.

With the win, the Cardinals pulled 1.5 games ahead of the Pirates and 4.5 games ahead of the Reds in the National League Central.

Here comes the juicy part…

Analysis of the Broadcast:

The Fox Sports Ohio telecast consisted of Thom Brennaman and Chris Welsh, and boy, were they extremely hard to listen to all game. After watching this telecast, it will be extremely hard for me to badmouth Danny McLaughlin and the Fox Sports Midwest crew ever again.

There were many things that made me mad, but the main thing that got under my skin was their pregame scouting report on Joe Kelly. I forget which broadcaster said this, but here is exactly what was said, “Kelly throws from 92-94 MPH, but the changeup is really his pitch.”

Mr. Brennaman and Mr. Welsh, who is providing you with your scouting reports? Whoever it is needs to re-check their references. To be 100% sure, I immediately looked up Kelly’s pitches on Prior to the game against the Reds, Kelly had thrown 871 fastballs (44% four seamers, 56% two seamers), and the average speed on those fastballs was 95.64 MPH. Also, by my count, Kelly had roughly 30-35 pitches that were faster than this nonsense “92-94 MPH” scouting report provided by the Reds’ broadcast team.

As the game went on, the broadcasters still weren’t believers in Kelly’s fastball speed as shown by the following two quotes:

“I didn’t realize that Kelly threw this hard. He has to be having a little adrenaline flowing to touch 97.”

“[Kelly’s] fastball above average to what it normally is.”

In short, baseball broadcasters have one of the best jobs in the world. They are paid to watch and talk about baseball. Other than being a player, I really cannot think of a better job out there. As a professional, they should take ownership in providing viewers with the best information they can get. Broadcast teams have access to a lot more scouting reports than I do, so it could not have been that hard for them to find out that Kelly’s fastball has averaged nearly 96 MPH this season.

There were various other quotes on various other topics that I could have also included in this post, but I figured I would spare you from any more of them. The next problem I had with the broadcast irked me the most. I could not stand their lack of interest in the game. Choo hit a home run that temporarily brought the Reds back into the game, and yet Brennaman called it in such a bored tone. If you truly don’t want to be there, I am sure there are many people in Cincinnati willing to take over, Mr. Brennaman.

People can knock Danny McLaughlin all they want, but after what I just watched on Fox Sports Ohio, I will not be one of them. McLaughlin calls plays like he sees them, shows enjoyment to the game being played on the field, and interacts with fans via social media. All three of those (and many more) make him a much better broadcaster than both Brennaman and Welsh.

In closing, I am sorry that this post ended up being a rant. I guess this can be seen as a sign that I miss being back home in St. Louis. I promise to refrain from posts like this in the future, I just really wanted to make a point and felt this was the best way possible.

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